ML, AI, and Data Science

Businesses across the globe are in a race to leverage their true potential by tapping into their most valuable asset: Data. We live in a generation that has fully evolved predictive systems( ML) based and cognitive intelligence(AI). The technological trio is en route to becoming the cornerstone of all data-rich businesses of the future.

Data Science in businesses

Triviti's data management service is capable of handling massive unstructured data using supervised learning that includes virtual agents, intelligent robotics, Caseload analytics, Video analytics, Text Analytics, Unique identity, etc., to draw value from the data that helps facilitate business processes.


AI in businesses

For businesses, AI is the base of business automation, communicating with employees, building rapport with customers, and gaining insights from processed data.AI tethered with ML helps the financial sector, predict and assess loan risks by improving loan underwriting.

ML in businesses

ML is the backbone of business intelligence: It assists the process of BI and completely transforms the way it gets shared among various departments. ML helps organisations enhance their business offerings by providing data-driven intelligence to decision-makers, and stakeholders for making actionable decisions.